Who We Are: Jasmine White FlowerPure Snickety believes in providing you with the best of both worlds. Meeting your own personal high standards in both product quality and ethical responsibility... more

Blog: Pink Variegated VerbenaLearn about natural vegan body care products using essential oil, harmful chemicals cosmetic products, get resources for healthier living, participate in online polls & future product creations!... more

Products: Vanilla Beans and ExtractArtisan hand-blended vegan body care products are cruelty free, made from naturally derived ingredients, contain organic content, & fragranced using only pure essential oils... more

Shop: LavenderFor your convenience, we currently provide two ways to shop for Pure Snickety Vegan Body Care products. You may purchase our products on Etsy or via our main site... more

Pure Snickety is a play on the word persnickety. - Persnickety is just plain fun to say and means "picky."

PURE – Simple and natural ingredients infused with healthy essential oil.

SNICKETY – Satisfy your discerning right-brain while nurturing your senses with refreshing citrus, earthy woods & roots, soothing herbs, warm spices, exotic floral, and high quality oils.

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Product Reviews

  • Lippy Girl Makeup, part 2

    An excerpt from Lippy Girl Makeup’s Blog… “The sugar scrubs are amazing to keep skin smooth and silky, and follow up with the luxurious moisturizing body butter.  The scents are tantalizing and therapeutic after a stressful day, or on a lazy weekend… plus these products are spa quality and are very reasonably priced.  A full Continue Reading

  • Lippy Girl Makeup, part 1

    On Twitter:@LippyGirlMakeUp “I just got your samples today! wow! they are awesome! xx” Darcey Diehl

  • Rantin’ & Ravin’

    From our Product Review Form: Rantin” & Ravin’ “I was lucky enough to receive some samples before they were available! I honestly don’t know which one I like better! Relaxing – I took a hot bath last night and used the relaxing exfoliating body scrub, it smelt so good! And with it’s lavender essential oils, Continue Reading


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  • Lavender Year End Sale – Quick Post
    70% Off Year End Sale Is Here Check out our main shop for an incredible 70% while supplies last. We are clearing out our current inventory to make room for exciting new products in the new year. Have any product...
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